Townsville Mental health & Psychology


Vera Hempel - Townsville Mental Health Social Worker

Vera Hempel: MSW, GDip RC, BSW, BA. (AASW) (ASORC)

Vera has over 25 years experience providing therapeutic interventions while working within Queensland Health and as a private counsellor.

Her primary experience has been in the field of mental health and includes recognition of the life transition processes that changes in relationships and individual circumstances can bring.

Her work experience is grounded by the belief that people function and learn differently during times of stress and so they respond to different types of intervention. Interventions applied are determined by the specific situation and include crisis management, psychodynamic therapy (to assist with the development of insight), behavioural therapy (to assist with skill development to manage negative cognitive processes), grief counselling and group work. Recognition of the challenges resulting from life stage issues is an integral part of this intervention framework.


  • Master of Social Work – James Cook University
  • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling – University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Social Work – University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Arts – Deakin University


  • Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers as an accredited Mental Health Social Worker
  • Member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors